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Download : Rap Battle – Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy Mp3 (Lyrics / Video)

Download Rap Battle – Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy Mp3 Mp4 Lyrics Audio Video

Queens Cast – Rap Battle Mp3 Download Audio ft Eve & Brandy

Play Rap Battle Audio

Download Rap Battle Mp3

Video : Rap Battle Mp4 Download – Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy Brandy

Lyrics for Rap Battle by Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy

This ain’t Milli Vanilli
You think we are puppets
That’s the difference
We tryna have our own voice heard
But you ain’t listenin’
You’re so high on your pedestal
Thinkin’ you got control of what you let us do
My pen is equally incredible

I ain’t just looks
I’m not your pretty little ornament
It’s like Miyagi vs Daniel in the tournament
Supposed to be a queens thing
But you made it difficult
Supposed to be a team thing
Not too individual

So maybe go and get your own deal
Nobody wanna walk in your shoes A
Baby, we got our own heel sUh huh, first off Brianna
You’re not on my level ever
Better go talk to the kids

And tell them why daddy left ’em
Tell them no fairytales are no happily ever after
Tell your daughter her mother was more stripper than rapper
? tryna shape her
You always set the pace up in this race

But show that model face without that makeup
You gave new meaning to a round away girl
Nasty made lyrics, now spread your legs to the worldOh okay, okay
You take that, you got that one
Eric, give me something I can bop toUh oh, you wanna take it there

Gloves off, no playing fair
Who’s your baby daddy when you met him
Come on, name in the air
You’re too busy shadowboxing in the mirror to be a mom
I can give you pointers but you probably still get it wrong

You just got a complex, everything’s a contest
Napoleon, more like Dynamite with your bomb threats
I am not the same little Brianna in that prom dress
Who caught you rocking more than just a mic up in the projects

Download Rap Battle – Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy Mp3 Mp4 Lyrics Audio Video

My mirror on the wall, huh
Say I’m Michael Jackson
Bear your mirror off the wall
Ugly attitude breaking glass
You just wanna whine and complain
Drinkin’ wine like a wino

I’m just tryna shine in that ? on the highway Utter rapper sex toy
You decide to show up now like in my style
So you can act like you the golden child
Always late for interviews
Too busy up in the dude

Now you wanna write your rhymes
Before money was it for you
If you wasn’t pretty
Everybody’d be dissin’ you
Nobody’s missing you
Not a visionary
Nothing that you say we wanna listen to
You gotta be lyrical to spit the truth

And I can count the years I couldn’t even get you in the booth Wow, okay
Low blows, low blows You got that one okay
Hey yo, next one takes the whols Thing You know what I want Let’s go Hey yo, first off Bree
You a mini version of me
And second of all you ain’t got the skills to be ill
So me writing your rhymes

Is a much better design
I started this group
I coulda left your ass behind
When my pen hit the pad
It’s only top of the charts
And now just like your marriage
You want us to fall apart

It’s jealousy and I can’t even say it any clearer
You spendin’ too much time in the mirror
You’re tryna be the mommy, you’re a don
You a copy and a fraud
You Johnny, I’ll be Bobby
My new addition is strong
So run along Tyra, we can’t bank on you

And the leader, we can’t put that rank on You Hey yo, stop the beat
Imma go off top
It’s called growth and maturity
You stuck in the past
An insecure scared little girl
Now I’m spanking that ass
This is a wake-up call

We ain’t here to go tit-for-tat
Nasty bitches isn’t our image
We no longer livin’ like that
But I get it, you did it to sell records
Now the gimmick is done
Pulling the wool over people and critics
Like explicit’s the only lyrical one
We bout to rewrite our own stories
And make the narrative change

To show the whole world we real queens
Not embarrassed and ashamed
My marriage has nothing to do
With the stardom and fame
I honor the pain and use it to be the goddess
And slaughter the game
All artists who gold ain’t tarnished

I’m polished and heavy
My knowledge is deadly
Lyrically a problem, I’ll demolish you petty
The lesson you taught me was winnin’
I’m a win for the crew
To teach you the lesson
That everything ain’t all about you

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Download Rap Battle – Queens Cast ft Eve & Brandy Mp3 Mp4 Lyrics Audio Video

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